Family Session at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

I could not stop smiling the entire time. It’s heartwarming to see kids enjoying their time with their parents as they have their photo shoot. We walked, talked, played, and just let Lyla be herself. There was so much to visually take in. Majestic trees, beautiful architecture and fountains, it was like a day at the park. No rules or expectations, just lots of love from mom and dad. At times we took a break and just focused on the parents, but Lyla would want to be included and started posing for us. It’s incredible what happens when kids don’t feel the pressure to perform, and we just go at their pace.

Johany & Ismael, thank you so much for having us travel to you in order to get these memorable captures of your family. We loved every minute of it, and are grateful for getting to know you.

  1. Johany Perez says:

    Everytime I look at these I get goosebumbs. I love them, thank you so much! You are truly an artist and working with you and your husband was so wonderful.

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